About Us

Our Vision

To Become the Best Home Furniture Brand in the World.

Our Mission

We are a family that believes in wood as a living material. To express our engagement with it, we design and produce a unique mixture of fine wood furniture to satisfy our valued customers' refined taste.

About Al Cazar

Al Cazar was created in 1998 as a family business based on the belief that wood is a 'living material'. We quickly became wellknown in Egypt for providing quality home furnishings with a 'special taste'. Al Cazar Home & Garden collections offer high value products for reasonable prices. They offer a life style that can be made unique through the personal connections the user makes with the products. The designed pieces are new, yet they are familiar rooted in an extensive cultural tradition, a tradition that is lived and not exhibited.

Our Values

Al Cazar prides itself on being a family based business structured on traditional family values:
• Personal care and partnership is our way
• Quality, quality, quality
• Professionalism and reliability in everything we do
• We owe our clients value for their money
• Creativity is our route for survival

The Al Cazar Guarantee

We are sure of our quality, and we are intent on winning over all our clients. We use only verifiable raw materials from verifiable sources. We implement only international standards of production. We implement the strictest internal quality control measures

Our Brand Promise

Furniture that is a witness to your life.
An Al Cazar product is an ongoing story – the story begins with its design and develops in your home but never ends.

Unique design that is rooted in values.
With Al Cazar, design looks forward and caters to your needs today while staying true to tradition and craft.

Personal warmth mixed with eclectic taste.
Al Cazar is your place to find furniture that has character infused with history and provides a place of comfort everyday life.